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James Tandi (artist ID #71)Works of Art by
James Tandi
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Artist’s Genre:  "Wildlife & Portraiture"
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James is a Classical Master Sculptor, transforming verdite (a hard, emerald-quality stone with beautiful brown, blue and green striations) into exquisite representations of Africa's native people and wildlife - a process he describes as "revealing the spirit which is within the stone. His works can be found in both African and North American museums.

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"Playtime" by James Tandi“Playtime”
by James Tandi
Type:  Original (Hand Sculpted)
Format:  Ruby Verdite Gemstone (Free Standing)
Artwork Genre:  Artistic Realism
Size:  14"H x 23"W x 12"D
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Note:  Ruby Verdite is a very rare gemstone, available from only 2 mines in Africa.

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