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Belinda Leigh is a self-taught artist, expressing her love for nature and its fragile beauty through her passion for art. As one of seven children growing up in Missouri, art was a favorite recreation that manifested itself into dreams of painting dolphins and whales in Hawaii. Her high school and college years found her preoccupied with math, languages and the sciences. Her social awareness led her to graduate with honors from the University of Missouri as a social worker, and she worked in the inner city. This work did not fulfill her true passion to pursue that childhood dream and satisfy the need inside for artistic pursuits. One year later she began to paint, without any training.  Painting was part-time until 1995, when a mastectomy motivated her to make positive choices in her life; one of which was to make art her full-time pursuit.


Fifteen years of painting portraits helped to develop her discipline to paint what she sees.  Revealing a personís spirit, bringing them to life on canvas, is an art she applies to her animal subjects, as well, above and below the surface of the sea.  Maui is her home of 26 years. The joy and wonder of Mauiís diverse natural beauty are portrayed through her paintings as if one were looking through a window.


Belindaís works are cherished for her technical skills as well as their aesthetic qualities.  Her style is traditional, applying the paint by stroke of the brush, without even putting pencil on her canvas. Thousands of brush strokes combined with countless transparent layers create a silken smoothness and rich texture to delight and bring a joyful experience to the heart of the beholder.


Works by Belinda are currently collected around the world.  Belinda can be emailed directly at


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