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Artist’s Genre:  "Modern Impressionism"
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Born in 1972 Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, Vakhtang began learning to draw and paint with his grandfather, from still life to landscapes to portraits. Seeing the works of Levitan and Coro influenced his vision of art and helped shape him as a landscape artist, showing his feelings and inner world, giving people warm feelings and positive emotions. He experimented, trying surrealism, modern decorative styles, hyper realism, developing "Lyrical Landscape" - his true love in art.
Full Name: Vakhtang Akhalkatsishvili

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"Venice Boats" by Vakhtang“Venice Boats”
by Vakhtang
Type:  Reproduction (Giclee)
Format:  Enhanced Ink on Canvas (Framed)
Artwork Genre:  Impressionism
Size:  25"H x 30"W
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