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Mark Eastridge
(Artist ID = 76)
Mark Eastridge
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>  Artist's Genre:  Seascapes
>  Artist's Media:  Lacquer on Metal
Mark enjoys an outdoor Maui studio with views of five Hawaiian islands, working with a passion for art and love of the ocean. Since age eleven, he has traveled, studied extensively, and worked with renowned artists developing his skills & techniques, while inspired by natures beauty. Calling Maui home since 2000, Mark works in bronze and stone sculpture, creates illusions of turbulent oceans, flowing rivers and tranquil waters on aluminum, copper, and stainless steel panels, and paints the colors of the islands. His diverse work appears in corporate and private collections worldwide.
Kaoli Granas
(Artist ID = 54)
Kaoli Granas
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>  Artist's Genre:  Ceramics
>  Artist's Media:  Ceramics, Glass
Born in California's Sierra Foothills and growing up in Sacramento, Kaoli (Carol) defined her early love of nature amid mountains, snow and lakes. Sharing her time between Maui and California strengthened her appreciation of natural beauty and her interest in the mystical stories of the islands, now expressed in her ceramic work combining shapes, colors, and expressions of Maui. All of her creations are handcrafted and unique.
Belinda Leigh
(Artist ID = 50)
Belinda Leigh
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>  Artist's Genre:  Hawaiiana
>  Artist's Media:  Oil on canvas
Belinda, a long-time Maui resident, is a self-taught artist, expressing her love for nature and its fragile beauty through her passion for art. More than forty years of painting helped to develop her discipline to paint what she sees. Belinda's works are cherished for her technical skills as well as their aesthetic qualities. Works by Belinda are currently collected around the world.
Ryan McVay
(Artist ID = 30)
Ryan McVay
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>  Artist's Genre:  Abstract
>  Artist's Media:  Acrylic on board
Born in Oregon in 1977, the modern artist unbound by one style, Ryan McVay has taken an unconventional journey to success in Abstract Art, Surrealism, and many more styles. From simple drawings at the age of 3, through skate & snow boarding sports, to glass blowing, and ultimately to painting, he has expanded his artistic horizons and embraced his true passion - painting. As a self-taught artist in every medium, Ryan is shattering boundaries in all forms. Now he is putting all his love into his paintings - the kind of Art that will live through the centuries and become extremely collectable.
Jack Reilly
(Artist ID = 86)
Jack Reilly
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>  Artist's Genre:  Abstract Illusionism
>  Artist's Media:  Paint On Shaped Canvas
Jack Reilly is known for his complex paintings on shaped canvas and recognized as one of the original artists of the Abstract Illusionism movement. Although he is primarily considered to be an abstract painter, Reillys artistic facility and diverse styles depict an artist capable of eluding classification, working in both abstract and figurative painting styles and often combining both within a modern format. His work is exhibited internationally and included in numerous private and public collections.
Jonathan Somaoang
(Artist ID = 39)
Jonathan Somaoang
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>  Artist's Genre:  Wood Sculpture
>  Artist's Media:  Wood
Jonathan Somaoang creates beautiful sculptures and handmade wooden bowls made from various types of native Hawaiian woods, including Milo, Koa, Kamani, Ohia, Pheasant Wood, Monkey Pod Mango, among others. His beautiful turned bowls with barked edges are outstanding, and his work incorporates all the natural forms, balance and texture of the natural wood, creating vibrant, long-lasting colors in his masterpieces.

Nelson Tolentino
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>  Artist's Genre:  Modern Impressionism
>  Artist's Media:  Oil on Canvas
Born in the Philippines, Nelson Tolentino is a self-taught artist who first found his love of painting at the tender age of ten. His mood permeates his oil paintings. He has developed a gentle palette which catches the eye of art lovers, and his impressionistic compositions of island scenes capture the hearts of numerous collectors worldwide.
(Artist ID = 21)
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>  Artist's Genre:  Modern Impressionism
>  Artist's Media:  Oil On Canvas
Born in 1972 Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, Vakhtang began learning to draw and paint with his grandfather, from still life to landscapes to portraits. Seeing the works of Levitan and Coro influenced his vision of art and helped shape him as a landscape artist, showing his feelings and inner world, giving people warm feelings and positive emotions. He experimented, trying surrealism, modern decorative styles, hyper realism, developing "Lyrical Landscape" - his true love in art.
(Artist ID = 85)
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>  Artist's Genre:  Pop Art
>  Artist's Media:  Acrylic on Canvas
A man of mystery? A real person? An artist with an elusive identity and a style unlike any other? Yes to all. With years of traveling far & wide, living and painting in Europe, as well as Colorado, Hawaii and other places, and while never abandoning his artistic pursuits and new horizons, Waabooz is best characterized as ambiguous, mysterious, eclectic, creative, surprising, and even brilliant. His unique style can be traced back to his teen years, and his work becomes more refined and collectible with every passing day...
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